A Standard Framework
for Finance

Katallassos is based on the ACTUS standard. ACTUS codifies all major financial contracts such as Futures, Loans, Bonds, Exchanges and any combination thereof.

For Developers

Build any Financial Product

Katallassos integrates all the tools needed to create any financial
product that you can imagine.


the ACTUS standard is a set of smart financial contracts that can be combined together to make any financial contract possible.


a range of built-in tokens representing both crypto assets and fiat assets.


decentralized oracles on-chain for any external data feed (prices, interest rates, bank transfers, etc) provided by Chainlink


built from scratch for performance, katallassos is capable of minimal latency and +10k tx/s


an extremely flexible and easily upgradable blockchain means we will always use state-of-the-art technology


Experience a New Financial System

Katallassos combines the best features of centralized and
decentralized financial services


All the services built on top of Katallassos are non-custodial. You are always in control of your money.


On-chain oracle and settlement means all contracts are fairly executed. No need to trust a third-party.


Sub-second blocktimes create a seamless user experience. Fast like a centralized service.


Every service on katallassos connects directly to your account. Access all financial services with just one account.


Katallassos connects to several different blockchains and banks. Connecting the crypto and legacy financial systems.


Use a futures contracts to bet on the price of Bitcoin. Or the price of oil, or the S&P500 and so on.

Buy an options contract to hedge your assets and protect against a market crash.

With the oracle you can have insurance on anything, like a flood or the price of Ether rising.

Any type of loan is possible, you can even use your cryptoassets as collateral.

Built by Trinkler Software

Trinkler Software AG a blockchain software development company founded by Reto Trinkler and based in Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland. It was founded in April 2018 with a focus on building a toolkit of FinTech tools that can enable people to become their own economies and to actively participate in exchanges with one another. Learn more at trinkler.software.

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